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A Haircut Is A Haircut–right?

A Haircut Is A Haircut–right?
When I was younger, I didn’t know much about hair and how to keep mine healthy. When my mother made an appointment for me at the salon, I just showed up and said I guess I needed a haircut. When the stylist tried to coax more information from me, I just shrugged my shoulders.

Many men and women take the attitude that I had. A haircut is a haircut, right? No! Though a skilled stylist will be able to manage to make your hair look great without much input from you, there are still different types of cuts and styling techniques used in the cutting process that can affect the health, look, and manageability of your hair. Let me explain.

First, there is the razor cut. Just like it sounds, a razor cut is performed with a tool that resembles an old-fashioned straight razor. It is usually applied at an angle to make a woman’s hair naturally flip outward, creating a cute bouncy effect on the style.

While this sounds appealing, you should take note that this particular cut weakens the hair. The angular application of the razor actually removes part of the hair shaft in some areas, which means your hair will be more prone to split ends and breakage. If you do opt for a cut like this one, make sure you use heat styling sparingly. When you do, always use a heat protector on your hair.

Women with curly hair have a particularly hard time having the best haircut possible. Most of us curly-haired folk have natural layers, so when a stylist asks if our layering should be square or round, we are totally at a loss.

Your curly or wavy hair should actually be trimmed or cut when it is dry in order to craft a more accurate style, as our hair length and texture is not revealed when it is wet. It would be wise to work with a stylist that specializes in working with curly hair and/or has curls herself.

Many men tend to dismiss the importance of the right haircut, often choosing to do it themselves or asking their wives or girlfriends to handle it with a set of buzzers. But this can lead to mistakes and an unfinished look overall, especially when there is a failure to blend one length into the next.

My spouse often asked his mother to trim his hair until we got together, when I insisted he go to a real stylist. Both he and I noticed an instant improvement and a more professional appearance after he had gone to someone that had had training.

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