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Haircuts From Hell

Haircuts From Hell

New Year? New you? Whether it’s a special occasion, a fresh start or you just fancied a change, having your hair styled is normally a quick and easy way of creating a new image for yourself and boosting your confidence. However when that dream hairstyle goes wrong what follows can be a nightmare with long-lasting affects. Your confidence is shattered and you lose faith, not to mention the humiliation you may suffer because you now resemble a scare-crow!

We’ve all had those times when we’ve been so busy we’ve neglected our hair and it is in desperate need of a good, simple tidy-up. On these occasions you would think it would be a simple case of just asking the hairdresser for a quick trip to chop off those split ends. Unfortunately this doesn’t always go to plan. One woman wanted exactly that: she had long layered hair, but the ends had become a bit “raggy”. Her usual hairdresser was away so another girl filled in… it’s just a simple trim, how bad can it be? The woman was clear that she wanted to get rid of the dead ends but “leave as much as the length as possible”. However, the hairdresser seemed to have other ideas; instead she took very little off the ends but “took off progressively more” as she went up the different layers. The outcome was ridiculous and “closer to a mullet”; definitely not what was asked for.

In a similar situation another lady went to get her bangs trimmed. Once they got started she agreed to have the rest of her hair trimmed as well as the bangs. When the hairdresser had finished the lady was left with bangs that started halfway back on her head, “bizarre feathery things” about the face, chunks taken out of the back of the hair and a huge angled “thing” which the hairdresser tried to pass off as “trendy layers”.

In both situations the women were understandably distressed at the fact the hair they loved and just wanted tidying up was now ruined because the hairdresser didn’t listen to them and did their own thing. Experts say that women who are happy with their hairstyles are more confident which can have positive effects on all aspects of your lifestyle; both at work and in your social life. However the converse can also be true. If you have a bad haircut or one you don’t like it can shatter your confidence, turning the most extroverted person into an introvert, ruining your social life and making work a difficult and intimidating place where you become scared to speak up in case you draw attention to yourself…and all because a hairdresser ignored her directions and did her own thing.

If your haircut is radically different from your description, wishes or expectations like these ladies’ experiences then you maybe be able to claim compensation towards the cost of any extra haircuts that were needed to remedy the damage and for the embarrassment or humiliation you have had to endure while your haircut was growing out.

To receive advice and help for your situation call Free phone 0800 652 4321 or 01642 252828. Alternatively, visit the website at and complete the online claim form. Macks Solicitors will be happy to give you free expert advice on making a compensation claim for the extra expenses and for your emotional and physical injuries. Making a claim through Macks Solicitors will not cost you anything and you will get to keep 100% of any compensation you are awarded.