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Want to Know How to Maintain Your Hair After Rebonding

Want to Know How to Maintain Your Hair After Rebonding

It is true that every woman with frizzy hair would always want that groomed look with sleek, shiny and straight hair. In olden days there was only one solution for this, genetics!

However, these days there are a lot of ways to get hairstyles of your choice. Thanks to the development that science and technology brought upon us. One such method is hair rebonding that we will read about a little.

What is Rebonding all about?

Rebonding is all about straightening and flattening of hair for a smoother and not to mention a straighter look. This is usually done by a professional who uses a mix of hot combs, irons and chemical relaxers to reach the desired effect. This can actually tame the otherwise stubborn and unmanageable hair within a matter of hours. This effect stays for a longer time as compared temporary straightening solutions like ironing and blow drying.

Here are a few tips that will provide answers for all your queries regarding how to maintain your hair after rebonding:

Right away

As you finish the procedure of rebonding your stylist will tell you that you should avoid these things right after it:

Not to wash your hair, or rather prevent any kind of contact with your hair for the next three days at least.
Do not tie it at any cost especially after rebonding as the hair is taking a shape so it is better to steer clear of anything that can damage the shape.
Keep away from hair accessories for all kinds for the same.
Do not tuck your hair at the back of your ears
If possible use a shower cap while bathing.

Caring for it in the long run

Speaking about how to maintain your hair after rebonding it has to be mentioned that it is absolutely necessary to care of your rebonding all through. Following these will ensure that the rebonding stays longer and look its best at anytime. Here are some points that will help you maintain that healthy mane:

Make sure that you use a straightening shampoo always
Conditioner your hair after each wash
It is best not to treat your hair for the next six months with color or highlights
Trim your hair on a regular basis in order to keep split ends at a bay
Make sure that you use a leave on conditioner as this will keep your hair hydrated and frizz free
Treat your hair with timely hair spa and masks as this will keep your hair nourished
Shampoo your hair on alternate days
Make use of hair serum to keep your hair well protected
Always use a hat or umbrella when you go out into the sun
If possible use cold water only while washing your hair
Oil your hair as it is the best way to treat your hair
Use steam (with a hot towel especially after oiling) for your hair to deep condition it
Do not tie it while sleeping
Comb your hair preferably with a wooden comb to dodge additional static and frizz of plastic combs
Eat sensibly like food rich with fibers and vegetables and live healthily as this will do the rest

To be honest rebonding is a risky procedure which is why even professionals would ask for your consent. It would be better if you think about it twice before undergoing the process. Moreover it will take a lot of your time maintaining it and you will have to ensure that you can do so before going for touch ups as well.

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